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I want to buy an unlocked Iphone4 since I will be travelling outside US for few months. I looked at few sites and they are selling it for 1000 dollars. How can it be soooo expensive. Can anyone help me find a good deal ? Please please please
On 08 Oct 2010 at 18:09pm - by imthedude
6 2   Comments (4)  Lifestyle
I wish I could earn a better percentage compared to what my company charges its clients for my services.
On 05 Oct 2010 at 13:30pm - by aibo
5 1   Comments (8)  Job
Interest rates in US suck. How can annoy earn a decent income with fixed deposits....need to invest in risky assets like stocks and mutual funds. I don't want to risk it!
On 05 Oct 2010 at 15:53pm - by Anonymous
4 2   Comments (7)  Investment
I want to take a girl I recent met for an expensive date. I don't have the money though. Already on student loans and more debt. I don't know what to do. I am from San Diego. Any decent place to go without spending too lot of cash
On 05 Oct 2010 at 19:06pm - by gochargers
5 1   Comments (11)  Lifestyle
Life is simply unfair. Last year 21 year old kid won 9m $ in the poker tournament. I am almost double his age and no where even near 1m $. Arrgggghh
On 06 Oct 2010 at 20:47pm - by pokermania
4 2   Comments (13)  Other
Last year I bought a 600$ GE microwave. After the warranty ran out, it started making alot of noise. I called GE about this issue, they said it will cost me $300 to fix it. Isn't it just great.
On 07 Oct 2010 at 01:09am - by gehater2010
5 1   Comments (6)  Other
My wife says I dont spend enough time with my 2 month old, my parents who are visiting us say I dont spend enough time with them, My boss at work says I need to start spending more time at work. I dont get enough time to sleep at night....zzzzz
On 07 Oct 2010 at 13:39pm - by find_me_time
4 2   Comments (12)  Other
I was saving money for a pair of $200 shoes and finally saved up and bought them last week. This week they are on sale for Columbus day.
On 08 Oct 2010 at 18:22pm - by AliciaGrace
6 0   Comments (9)  Lifestyle
Health premiums have been jacked up so much by the insurance companies. On top of that there a deductible plus co-pay you need to pay. Is it day-light robbery? We have an awesome health-care system
On 15 Oct 2010 at 15:55pm - by yaytoamericanhealthcare!
6 0   Comments (10)  Fines
Today, I got stopped by people asking for donations for their charity services.; Being who I am, I hate saying no to people, so I told them "I don't have any money, only my card.; " Did you know they also accept payment by card?
On 06 Jul 2015 at 04:39am - by Anonymous
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